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PT1000 RTD 500°C Temperature Sensor

PT1000 RTD 500°C Temperature Sensor

  • Accurate from freeze-your-butt-off cold (-50°C) to instantly-boil-your-innards hot (500°C)
  • Totally linear temperature response improves sensing accuracy across the range
  • Virtually eliminates lead measurement error inherent in Pt100 sensors
  • Highly accurate, IEC 60751 Class B tolerance (+/- 0.3 +0.005 |t| °C)
  • 15 mm long. 3 mm diameter sensor cartridge
  • 2 m long bare leads allow for easy adaptation to any 3D printer build
  • 300 series stainless steel cartridge to boost durability
  • Robust, thin-film construction sensor
  • Made in USA


This RTD Temperature Sensor is better suited for high amperage mainboards like:

  • Duet 3;
  • SKR PRO V1.x;
  • GTR V1.0
  • Other…

None of the above is a Bondtech product. Please do your due diligence and verify with the manufacturer.


Platinum based resistor

PT1000 Resistance Temperature Detector (RTD) uses a platinum resistor. Platinum has high and stable resistance for a metal, and a low temperature coefficient. Platinum based resistors make it easy to measure even the smallest changes in temperature with precision. Platinum also carries as advantages it does not react with most contaminant gases in the air and has very regular properties every batch. For these reasons it has become the standard for temperature sensing precision.


Perfect for all PT1000-compatible 3D printers and especially for high temperature applications.

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