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Prusa Mini Extruder Upgrade To IFS™

Prusa Mini Extruder Upgrade To IFS™

Upgrade your Prusa Mini extruder to support the Internal Filament Sensor feature.


This is a set of plastic parts that allows to upgrade the previous “Upgrade Kit For Prusa Mini” to be IFS (Internal Filament Sensor) compatible.


Filament Sensor

It will change the front housing of the previous version of the Prusa Mini extruder so the new filament sensor for Prusa Mini/+ may be mounted inside.


The IFS Extruder for Prusa Mini may be used without the filament sensor. With a simple process it is easy to later update it to fit the Prusa Filament Sensor inside.


Upgrade Your Prusa Mini or Mini+

This set may be used on the Prusa Mini or Mini +.


Filament Sensor Compatible

The Bondtech Internal Filament Sensor Extruder for Prusa Mini may embed the new Prusa filament sensor for Mini or Mini+ on its front housing.
The extruder may be used with or without the filament sensor.

Use this set of parts to make your original Prusa Mini Extruder compatible with IFS.

Front Housing Plug

The front housing of the IFS Extruder for Prusa Mini includes a plug that is just a placeholder for the filament sensor steel sphere, and it allows the extruder to be used without a filament sensor.

If you want to use the IFS Extruder for Prusa Mini with the Prusa Filament Sensor, remove the plug and follow the guide to install all the accessories required.

Included in this Kit

  • 1x 10076-3 Front Housing (PA12)
  • 1x 10076-4 IFS Magnet Holder (PA12)
  • 1x 10076-5 IFS Lever (PA12)
  • 1x 15112 IFS Extruder Plug (HT-PLA)


Not included in this Kit

  • Prusa Filament Sensor
  • Filament Sensor Magnets
  • Filament Sensor Steel Sphere
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