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LGX Shortcut Accessories Set for Anycubic

LGX Shortcut Accessories Set for Anycubic

Main Advantages

  • Use all available nozzle temperatures without compromise;
  • Master abrasive, rigid, flexible and soft filaments;
  • Far better part cooling;
  • Clean, simple and easy to install;
  • Improves extrusion’s reliability and resolution;
  • Compatible with Anycubic Mega-X, Mega-S and Mega-P(ro);
  • Compatible with LGX Shortcut Copperhead and LGX Shortcut Mosquito printheads.


This set allows you to install on your Anycubic Mega-X, Mega-S or Mega-P(ro) a Bondtech direct extruder upgrade and a short-path all-metal hotend.
To use with LGX Shortcut printheads.

Anycubic‘s common heat-creep and under-extrusion problems found a solution. Upgrade with a Bondtech LGX extruder and Shortcut hotend.

LGX extruder or Shortcut Hotend not included.
If you don’t have one, add it by using the You May Need section.

Abrasive filaments

To use abrasive materials with this Upgrade Kit you need abrasive resistant nozzles.


LGX Shortcut Accessories for Anycubic Requirements

This set requires, and doesn’t include, the following items:

  • LGX extruder;
  • LGX Shortcut Copperhead or LGX Shortcut Mosquito hotend;
  • RepRap compatible nozzle.
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