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High Temperature Heater Cartridges

High Temperature Heater Cartridges

High-temperature heater cartridges 


Ideal for high-temperature Thermoplastics such as PEEK or PEI. These cartridges have been designed for longevity at elevated temperatures whilst reducing heat up time. While most standard 3D printer heater cartridges will reach high temperatures, they tend to fail after short service lives. If you are printing high-temperature materials, and need consistent reliable service without downtime for heater failure this is the heater you need.


Strain relief 


The cables exit at a 90° angle from the casing with an integrated welded stainless steel strain relief, and come with high amperage rated connectors and extension leads.


Please note: 

These heaters are more than capable of reaching temperatures that will soften the aluminium block shipped as standard with our heaters. These must only be used with a copper block. We also recommend coupling this with a plated copper, or Nozzle X, as the hardened steel nozzles will lose some hardness at these temperatures.


If you are interested in learning more about the cartridges, have a look at the high-temperature blog post:


Key features: 

- Cartridge diameter: 6 mm 

- Cartridge length: 20 mm 

- Power: up to 65 W

- Max operating temperature: 550°C

- Cable length 2 m 

- High temperautre 


Kit includes:

- 1 x High-temperature heater cartridge 

- 1 x Extension cable

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