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Bondtech Hotend Fix for Raise3D Pro2

Bondtech Hotend Fix for Raise3D Pro2

Your Raise3D Pro2 is failing on those big PLA prints you bought it for? We have the fix.
The Raise3D Pro2 can actually be a very good 3D printer if you use this.


Raise3D Pro2‘s common heat-creep, clogs and under-extrusion problems have a very simple fix. Upgrade the hotends with bimetallic Copperhead and CHT technology.



Bondtech Hotend Fix for Raise3D Pro2 Advantages

  • Affordable with a great value for cost;
  • Heat creep is minimized by Copperhead’s thermal performance;
  • Better layer bonding from the Bondtech CHT nozzles…
  • … and higher flow with PLA and other non-abrasive materials;
  • Compatible with RepRap nozzles;
  • Easy and quick to install process…
  • … that includes a gauging tool to achieve optimal hotend setup.


Why Was The Bondtech Hotend Fix for Raise3D Pro2 Created


Many users contact us to buy extruder upgrades for the Raise3D Pro2.
These frequently repeated reports were evaluated by our Engineering team.


We found out most issues reported come from the hotend, not from the extruder.

The Raise3D Pro2 has a serious heat creep problem.


Print jobs using low Glass Transition Temperature materials are the most affected.
The longer PLA or TPU prints go over 2 hours, the higher the probability of failing due to under-extrusion or even clogging. Prints fail, or the parts made are very fragile.


For this serious problem we designed a simple and effective solution.

  • The solution's core is the Copperhead Heat Break, that enhances heat dissipation and separates hot and cold side of the heat break more effectively;
  • new heat block was designed and machined by Bondtech to provide compatibility with the stock heaters, thermistors and silicone socks while enabling the Copperhead heat breaks and wide standard RepRap nozzles;
  • To wrap it up, a pair of Bondtech CHT nozzles increase the flow capacity and improve layer adhesion, or enable the possibility of running the nozzles at lower temperatures.



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